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The Gentlemen

If you know me then you know I'm an absolute HUGE fan of Guy Ritchie. Now there's a cheeky bastard if ever there was one.

Let's talk about the gentry shall we? Frankly when I heard that old bongo drums was featuring in this feature I was less than pleased.

But blimey, Ritchie pulled a quid out of that toff hat yet again! I've only been this wrong on two other scores, Tom Cruise rocking that French Frilly Vamp as Lestat and that blonde, blue eyed, silver tongued Gollum

(oh tell me you can't see it) Daniel Craig shook and stirred as the one and only 007!

I didn't think they could pull it off either, got my knickers all in a twist and for naught. They were magnificent!

The Gentlemen

In fact, I'd go so far as to say this might damn well be Matthew's finest hour. He's beautifully cast as an American Scotsman, who deals primarily in bush. That's right, and i'm not talking about his cunning little woman Michelle Dockery, who's as far from the Abbey as one can imagine.

Ritchie is akin to a Lannister when it comes to dialogue, shitting gold in every flick. I can't imagine just how he directs his symphony, the odd ticks and movements of his characters that lend an endearing quality because of course all he reveals about directing is one does a whole lot of pointing. I beg pardon?

Dockery is cockney while MM is all about the bush. At the heart of every English Lore story is a story and a storyteller and they get no better than Hugh Grant who has never been less of himself and more engrossing as Fletcha. And trust me, Fletcha will getcha... every time.

In fact Hugh's storytelling style smacks just a little like Brick Top's style in Snatch. And there are moments where time stops and the camera pans from Grant to Hunnam and back again, waiting for an answer in real time. It's an absolute delight!

Now the Brits are all about wits and if you can't appreciate clever humor then nothing GR puts his hands to will ever be for you. By the way I've just come down from watching (for the millionth time) King Arthur: Legend of the Sword - another one of Guy's gems and may I just say, was nice to see at least two old friends transfer from that to this, Charlie Hunnam and Tom Wu. By George I think he's shot it.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Yeah about that: I'm absolutely obsessed with this song from the movie: The Devil and The Huntsman.

And after all of that we haven't gotten to the heart of anything - because to spoil this for you would be unforgivable. I'm still getting misery for my Facebook post "He lives" after one particular Game of Thrones episode. My daughter texted me immediately with the message "you better be talkin' about Jesus." I wasn't.

In any case, GR, much like Marvel, has got the secret sauce and hasn't deviated from the formula, a dynamic cast of gangsters, dialogue that is sure to make you lose weight from laughing so hard and an entertaining play by play of mayhem and foolishness that ensues when someone wants to knock the crown off of the king's er... crown.

My favorite character has got to be Colin Farrell. Heavens those Irish boys do it to me every time!

Oh yes, really.

Coach Colin is reluctantly drawn into the fray when his Toddlers end up baggin

the bush from the king himself. Coach is a tough love, fair and mostly upstanding individual, loyal to the bone. He's a scene stealer and you'll not be able to watch much else if he's on.

In closing don't be a shite eating C U N T, cuddle up to a pint and pickled egg and see this flick. Any chance?

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