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The novel follows Catrina, a sophisticated American woman of West Indian descent, who, after an unceremonious dismissal from her previous job, finds herself in a new executive admin role. In this new position, she encounters a young man from Bangladesh, closer in age to her daughter than herself. Captivated by his allure, Catrina embarks on an illicit extramarital affair, discovering a dark and thrilling side of herself previously unexplored.


As she indulges in the excitement of luring her young lover, both within and outside the bedroom, Catrina's own marriage undergoes an unexpected rekindling. Balancing the reins of her lover and husband, she constructs a new reality where her needs and desires take precedence.

Catrina's work life adds another layer of complexity. She is an admin assistant in a quirky boutique recruiting firm located in the heart of New York City. Her demanding and erratic boss, affectionately nicknamed Posh Spice, initially fires and then rehires her within months. Cat also contends with a jealous coworker who tests her ability to control her West Indian temperament. Fortunately, her best friend Sonia provides a much-needed oasis of humor and sanity amidst the chaos.


Just when it seems that Cat has achieved a balance between her affairs and her life in the Big Apple, treachery and betrayal strike, leaving her exposed. As the police question Cat and her husband about her lover's disappearance, she races to conceal her involvement and protect her husband's ignorance of the affair.


The Tumble appeals to readers who appreciate the fascinating, unsympathetic characters and vivid imagery reminiscent of Patricia Highsmith's work. It is a contemporary women's fiction novel that explores the simultaneous absence and presence of consequences, delving into the mask of good sex that Cat dangerously mistakes for intimacy, ultimately leading to a murderous ending as thought-provoking as its provocative beginning.

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