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Sucker Punch



I tried to read into her voice; to add or subtract from my previously formulated opinion but I already knew.  I viewed her Facebook page and summed up that she, in and of herself was nothing special.  She hadn’t displayed any extraordinary charm or wit or even tits for that matter. 


Oh trust me I scoured her FB pictures and posts with all the subtlety of a 1980’s stalker.  Don’t act like you’re above performing such tasks.  This is my husband not some sidepiece.  All’s fair in love and war.  Her state of dress regularly consisted of T-shirt and jeans.  Her body didn’t hold any secrets that would compel a man to unveil.  Quite frankly she was boxy and I knew my man liked to ride curves.  There was one unique attribute to her physicality that I could remark upon with all sincerity; that of her startlingly clear blue-green eyes.  It was easy to imagine a man loosing himself in them.  But the sum total of her appearance and her words, seductress she was not. 


I presumed she showered him with attention, made him feel special, wanted.  Yes I was pretty confident that I had the 411 on that score.  Of course we all know that bullshit is all an illusion.  Once it fades one is forced to confront the stark reality of the situation. He must have started to question why he thought leaving me for this girl was beneficial.  I suppose the feelings were fading and he was starting to catch on to the real deal and things weren’t comin’ up roses no mo’, ya feel me?  Truth is she could have been a fine gal.  Who knows really?  I just knew she wasn’t for him.  I was made for him.  It’s just that simple even if the fool didn’t know it.

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