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Born in the heart of NYC, raised in Queens to a set of wonderful yet strict West Indian, Guyanese parents I discovered my freedom and solace in reading and writing.  Trying to navigate between two worlds, one embodying stringent, West Indian culture and the other, American curiosity and freedom proved to be quite a challenge.  

There were so many taboo categories that the only way to experience anything beyond the walls of our two bedroom apartment was to travel through the pages of a book.  The library card was and still is one of the most valuable documents I've ever owned.  My sister and I would borrow more books than we could carry and secret ourselves away to worlds unknown.

Many years later, after my husband joined the US Navy and my daughter was in her last stretch of college, I decided it was high time I made my dreams of becoming a published author, a reality. 


In 2014, I started my first blog.  Who could say if anyone actually took the time to read it.  Somehow that seemed less important than my frenzy to write.  I kept a journal called "dear diary," wrote movie reviews and shared facts and useful information infusing humor, GIFS and utilizing pictures to make it as entertaining as possible.  Psst, if you check out my Blog, you'll find that I still do!

In 2015 my dream of becoming a published author finally came to fruition with my first self-published children's book called "The Slipper."  Soon after, I published a small collection of my poems entitled "Love In Black And White."  I felt like I had been a horse waiting for the gate to open and not long after Love, I was able to complete and publish an adult fiction novel called "Him."


Since I was blessed with moderate success with The Slipper, I worked again with the awesome illustrator, Phoenix Chan and self published The Slipper Coloring Book.  

Currently I'm working on my fifth book; an adult fiction called The Tumble.  After a few years of writing and self publishing as well as having the privilege to read so many books by incredible authors, I've been able to work on, improve and utilize my skills in The Tumble.  I am exceptionally proud and excited about sharing The Tumble in the near future and can't wait to hear readers responses!

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