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Born in the vibrant heart of New York City and raised in Queens by wonderful yet strict West Indian, Guyanese parents, I found solace and freedom in the world of reading and writing. Navigating between two distinct worlds—the strict West Indian culture and the curious and free-spirited American way of life—proved to be quite a challenge.

Within the confines of our modest two-bedroom apartment, numerous topics were considered taboo. To experience anything beyond those walls, I turned to books as my gateway. My library card became one of my most cherished possessions, allowing my sister and me to borrow more books than we could carry and escape to unknown worlds.

Many years later, as my husband embarked on his journey with the US Navy and my daughter neared the end of her college education, I realized it was high time I turned my dream of becoming a published author into reality.

In 2014, I took the first step by starting my own blog. While it remained uncertain whether anyone took the time to read it, that became less important than my insatiable desire to write. I maintained a journal titled "Dear Diary," wrote movie reviews, and shared informative content infused with humor, GIFs, and captivating pictures to make it as entertaining as possible. By the way, if you happen to visit my blog, you'll see that I still incorporate these elements today!

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