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Five Flicks - The Hot Or Not List

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Polar - There's something about a cold blooded killer hell bent on retirement that sucks me in. Did I mention Mads is rockin' an eye patch? Polar, the very definition of positive and negative aptly describing this twisted, high adrenaline, shoot em' all flick. Mads is quiet forbearance and controlled rage while Hudgens entertains us with her timid vulnerability. The plot spins like a bullet, ricocheting from one enemy to another before revealing the connection between Mads and Hudgens. What's distinct about this flick is that you'll be satisfied in the end. And with any luck the end could be a beginning, to another chapter. Let's hope so!

Papillon - I adore a great story, especially when the story is based on truth; showcasing grit, humility and intelligence. At the heart of this tale is an astounding friendship between two men that spanned a lifetime, overcoming debilitating fear, torture and separation. Their faith and commitment to themselves and each other is deeply inspiring. We crest with the waves off French Guiana with each victory and crash against the rocks with each failure. Hunnam's performance fills us with an unbreakable resilience while Malek's steadies us as he builds his strength utilizing clever strategy in order to survive. There is brain and brawn in these two phenomenal portrayals and it feels like a privilege to watch it all unfold.

BlacKkKlansman - At first glance it feels like a comedy. I mean we are talking about a Black KKK infiltrator, am I right? You start off by laughing but as the joke marinates your laughter fades into a chuckle until finally your eyebrows hit the roof. Eventually you realize it's not the ha ha funny but the other Kkkind. This gem is also based on a true story taking place in the 70's. Right on brotha! And of course there was no way would America put someone like that in the White House. Well I suppose someone was psychic. Are a ya intrigued? Watch and turn over your own thoughts!

Widows - I thought someone was pulling my leg because Gone Girl, Sharp Objects and Dark Places were all incredibly brilliant and I couldn't find a trace of any of that genius with a cape and a magnifying glass in this here movie. Therefore, I'm inclined to believe that the screenplay was written more by Steve McQueen than Gillian Flynn. Steve best work (in my humble opinion) is that of Shame, staring Michael Fassbender. He did a masterful job of taking a wide lens and consistently narrowing the focus. Concealing addiction as desire and inch by inch peeling off the condom to reveal naked, genuine compulsion illuminating McQueen's incredible perspicacity. Not so much here. In spite of the fact that every couple's interaction felt forced, fake and unnatural, despite the story line being unfathomable and disjointed, Viola held me in hope. I kept trying to fall for it. I surmised somehow it would all tie together in the end. I was bamboozled, hope dashed! The only thing I thought was telling was the the title suggesting that these gals were Widows long before their partners got blown to bits. I wouldn't have shed a tear. The only thing I liked about this flick was Cynthia Erivo, who played Belle. Trust me when I tell you she's the one to watch. She already received a Tony for The Color Purple and you have to watch and hear her in the flick "Bad Times at the El Royale" for she sounds as remarkable as she looks. Can somebody say triple threat? Yes mam!

The Girl In The Spider's Web - Claire Foy is a badass of another texture. This role doesn't suit her exceptional talent whatsoever. Hey, we can't all win at everything. The plot is quite frankly too tame for this series. It takes more than a serious beat-down in a tiny package to pull off the perfection that is Lisbeth Salander. The pace of this flick is entirely too fast. This isn't Bad Boys III. Where's the slow simmer? Lisbeth isn't a firecracker, she's a Molotov cocktail. She has to be shaken and stirred before you get the full throttle fury. Naomi Rapace and Rooney Mara had the right ingredients, not to mention that the surrounding characters we've come to adore, Mikael Blomkvist, Erika Berger, Armansky all fall short of the portrayed characters either on page or past screen versions. This is a Redbox $2 rental night in.

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