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Once upon a time, in a land far across the sea, where pungent spices travelled across the air and vibrant color filled the streets there lived a beautiful and headstrong young girl named Meetu. And unbeknownst to her parents, a plot was formulating in her little brain to run away and be with her one true love, Vishnu forever.


Later that evening, as Meetu’s mother blew out the incense and began turning down her daughter’s bed, she happens upon a letter. Quickly scanning its content, she gasps in horror and races out into the courtyard just in time to catch Meetu attempting to leave.


"Meetu, is this how you repay our love for you, by running away? Her mother asked brokenhearted.


Saddened by her mother’s reaction, Meetu places a comforting hand upon her mother’s and says quite dramatically, "But mother, please understand, I must, for I am in love."


Just then, the nearby bushes began to quake. Mother notices them and whispers, "Who’s there?"


A proud voice answers, "I’m sorry auntie but it is I."


"I who?" Mother asks.


"Vishnu." The boy proudly replies, jumping out of the bushes and elaborately bowing.


Upon seeing mother’s frown the young boy looks over to Meetu quizzically.




Mother holds up her palms to the heavens and shrugs emphatically. "Who knew? Oh baia!" Mother puts her hand on her head shaking it to

and fro wearily.

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The Slipper is a classic tale of love and loss portrayed in the most unconventional style. Included are lovable, colorful characters such as Meetu, Vishnu, maa and baap who's humor infuses a serious subject matter in a very unique, warm and touching manner.

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