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DeadPool Movie Review - Does Not Contain Any Spoilers

Updated: May 18, 2020

From the moment they roll the credits, you realize this ain't your mama's anti-hero flick, to say more would be to ruin it from the onset and you deserve to see this is in all of its intended glory.

To describe the character Wade (the special forces op turned neighborhood merc) prior to rising from the ashes quite literally and not at all gracefully phoenix-like - well one could say that Wade sprinkled his acidic humor while DeadPool in mid somersault ejaculates it!

The budding romance between Wade and the only engaging character in the new V 2009 series, Morena Baccarin, begins the way you would imagine any two stunning specimens of humanity would, with hot, raunchy sex. The only difference is that after all of the rough and tumble the two characters acquire a genuine wish to inhabit shared space beyond the boudoir. It was humorous, engaging, candid and authentic. And just when I felt the dialogue was getting a tad too ironic and acidic, when I squirmed uncomfortably in my seat feeling like I might have been venturing into the world of loud, obnoxious, bordering on Trump-like satire, they brought it back and engaged your softer side.

By the by, you might remember the sexy side smirk of our beautiful BBC villain in Game of Thrones, a second son, Daario Naharis - a lover worthy of a Dragon Queen. He is no less so in DeadPool. There's nothing in his character that behooves you to side with him, certainly not! However, you are nonetheless thankful for all of his charming witticism, perfect delivery of every line without sounding the least bit like a chubby villain sitting in a wingback chair, petting a white, fluffy cat whilst hatching a mad plot to take over the world. What's not to appreciate? He can act and he's bloody gorgeous!

Now men, don't go sulking - there is plenty of eye candy in Baccarin. She's a saucy, intelligent minx clad in fantasy get-ups throughout the entire flick, not to mention a stellar actress.

All in all we totally dug it. It's a flick you would be happy to subject yourself to more than once.

If you wish to see the trailer, please click below.

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