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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


There he sat on his gilded throne

sword in hand, all alone

eyes glistening with unshed tears

unleashed, unearthed were all his fears

a bitter taste left in his mouth

a horrendous death toll led further south

overwhelming sorrow, loss, blood and bone

the sorceress betrayer, a human clone


She warmed his hearth and then his heart

and in one fell swoop ripped both apart

too long too long she sealed his eyes

caresses and kisses, cloaked in a lover’s guise


In his hands, the lover she played

in his bed, the enchantress laid

in his head, the web she did spin

and all the while, he was part of her sin


Now come what may no matter the cost

the king has regained what he once lost

his eyes are open, his heart burns

with rage and horror from all he learns

and with a mighty swing of hand

he cut away at all she planned

with heavy foot he plots and trods

and made it back, his heart at odds

his kingdom half in ruin, in ash and soot

but alas, alas, she is underfoot


He handles the blade and draws her near

cradles her head and wipes her tear

kisses her tender, all so dear

plunges the dirk with delicate fear


She doesn’t scream, in truth she smiles

and held his heart with her eyes

the game is lost, the king has won

she fades, she fades and all is done.



I tilted the earth

And let the waves crash over me

Driving me under

With roaring thunder

Only darkness around

As I surrender

And let it be

The drowning of both you and me

And the earth righted herself

The waves receding

To join the sea

Carrying the memories

Of both you and me

To a far off place

Across an ocean of time

And I knew once more

You would always and never be mine

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