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Unemployed? Here's A Little Help & Entertainment

Good afternoon there mavericks! I haven't posted since the end of June due to the fact that I've been working diligently not just on my 9-5 gig but on my 5th book, The Tumble. I think I must have re-read and edited it about 10 times. I believe this phase is over. I'm satisfied (for now) with the end product and am beta testing it on three readers as I write-eth. I can't wait to get their reviews, thoughts, critique. This of course may cause another bout of editing but I've got to say as my writing and process has leveled up so has my attitude toward the process. Let's not even talk about my absolute love affair with words. I'm head over heels for them! Now that you've been briefed let's get into today's post.

As many of you know I've shared not only a blog here detailing my experience after being tossed back into the job market after three years but a few FB videos as well outlining my fears and thoughts as well as sharing helpful information to others who find themselves in very much the same position.

Since my theme is giving you resources to help find employment, I'm also going to share my thoughts on two movies I highly recommend that will help perk up your waning spirit in this department and also help you understand that you're in good company. I hope you find help, entertainment and humor in the following.

Help on the job front

I've been dealing with my job struggle since the end of March 2018 and have documented my experience during this grueling process, which is still ongoing today by the by. To that end, whenever I come across a helpful resource, I share it. This is one such post. I'm sure we all recognize YouTube as an incredible source of information and the additional bonus of viewing demos indeed makes a lesson a great deal easier to apply. One of my most valuable and credible resources for employment help in every and all aspects has been the YouTube Channel "Work It Daily." There are a myriad of topics such as "How to Achieve The Perfect Interview, Questions You Should Ask The Interviewer" as well as numerous other job related questions you've always wanted insight and answers to. If you're looking for employment or want to help someone else who's seeking a job, be certain to pass along "Work It Daily."

On To The Flicks:

The Grand Seduction - It's hard enough when one person doesn't have a job but what about an entire harbor with a population of about 120 middle age souls? Brendan Gleeson fearlessly leads a ragtag bunch of citizens through quirky and hilarious phases of a seemingly mission impossible. The Plot: baiting a city doctor into becoming a permanent resident and perhaps win the bid for a factory that will infuse the members with jobs and save the harbor folk from relocation. And though The Grand Seduction can be a tad too saccharin at intervals, the film does a marvelous job illustrating despair and desperation when the life you know and love is in real danger of becoming extinct.

The Company men - First of all Ben Affleck heads the all star cast for this gem. Second of all, Ben Affleck stars in this gem. You get where I'm going with this? No but seriously kids if you're unemployed, soon to be unemployed, was ever unemployed this film will resonate with you on a myriad of levels and most importantly it's bound to bolster your spirit and help you to understand that you are far from alone. Families all across America are experiencing their own internal restructuring, frustration and fear due to loss of employment and lack of present/future opportunity. Perhaps one of the most important lessons I've learned is that it is imperative that everyone have a strong support system beginning with their spouse/partner and children. It's the most essential component to surviving and hopefully thriving through and beyond this ordeal that affects millions.

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