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John Wick: Chapter 2 Review

If you know me, you know Keanu Reeves can absolutely do no wrong, with the exception of Knock Knock. Don't even ask because I'm simply unable to open that door.

However, Reeves is one of my all time favorite actors and people. No I've never met him but just like the rumors of the coming savior in The Matrix, there are whispers on wind of Keanu's good deeds sans the press spotlight. I've done a little article on this handsome honey that the devil wants so badly but God won't give up and he is all o' that and a bag of chips.

Now lets talk about John Wick. Though I went to the theater and saw the flick, I thought it was reminiscent of Chow Yun Fat in The Replacement Killers or even a dash of Clive Owen in Shoot em' Up because that's exactly what it is - a shoot em' up flick. Unfortunately the first chapter of John Wick didn't exactly give me anything to write home about - and so, I didn't. It was a decent flick with some good action sequences but it would undoubtedly get lost in the sea of every other movie in this genre. In short, it was pretty forgettable.

Cut to three years later and we're on a whole different chapter!

John Wick Chapter 2 is refueled, re-imagined and redesigned much like his kill suit and yeah, I'm thinkin' he's back - with a vengeance. This chapter takes us deeper into Wick's murky world or rather merc-E world, that he tried to leave behind but predictably you know what happens to every good fella don't you? Just when you think you're out, they pull you back in. John is no exception though he rejoins the ranks kicking and screaming. Personally I'm a huge fan of JW because he's everything we can't be. I like that he doesn't waste time with too much conversation. He literally just bangs it out and very few men appear natural dispatching the variation of weaponry that Keanu does so well. This is the man after all, who puts the constant in Constantine!

John's learned a few new tricks in the form of some grapple moves and he's not afraid to show them off for his beloved audience! And let me tell you, we just eat it up and ask for seconds. Chapter 2 creates an aura of vampire meets assassin, given all of the night scenes, gorgeous cast and their poetic use of several languages. Il mio amore, don't waste any more time, get your tickets/DVD/Rent on pronto!

John Wick: Chapter 2 Trailer

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