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Fifty Shades Darker - Movie Review

Fifty Shades Darker Trailer

50 Shades Darker is a rich and textured delight for your heart, head and nether regions, with layered scenes that seamlessly unfold into a story. First - let's talk about the improvements of Mr. Grey and oh my oh my, there have been a few noticeable ones. Let's gab about the do! First movie; Fifty Shades introduced the world to Christian Grey's Boardroom/Playroom lifestyle and though we were intrigued, if we're truthful, we were also more than a little disappointed. First off, Jamie Dornan's voice (which is truly like wiping your ass with silk) takes you on a sexy trip without the puff, puff pass, ya know what I'm sayin'? But I'd be hard pressed if I didn't tell you his boy-scout, ten dollar haircut was killin' my vibe completely. Pan your eyes directly below and shout out a resilient Oh hell yeah!

Okay so now that we've got his look down and Mr. Grey appears to be able to bring it in and out of the boardroom (naughty naughty) we can move on to more important things, like the flick.

Fifty Shades was all about Anastasia's infatuation with Grey. Darker is the flip side of this coin prominently and uncharacteristically displaying all of Grey's emotions and intents and there is no mistaken the depth of his emotions when it comes to Anastasia.

This film explores Christians struggle to be the kind of man who can experience sexual pleasure that does not derive from pain and emotional pleasure embodied in love, in Anastasia. It's a bit of a seesaw, as he takes two steps forward, one step back but Grey is nothing if not a quick learner.

The backdrop of each scene is shimmering with opulence, wealth and color and perfectly compliments like a good Merlot. The more you roll it around on your tongue, the better it tastes. Darker is sexy, sensual and intriguing, a treat for all of your senses. It does not disappoint.

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