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Gods of Egypt Movie Review - *** Contains a tiny spoiler***

Gods of Egypt

FINALLY - a movie worthy of the name! GODS OF EGYPT absolutely rocks. This is a simple Cain and Able story, mixed with a bit of Aladdin, Indiana Jones and quite a lot of the old Hercules flair - when everything was a quest and a journey both internal and external.

No one can rally the troops better than Gerard Butler - I mean this ain't Sparta but he still delivers a well placed kick into the abyss nonetheless- ya feel me!

The scenes depicted quench your thirst for a breathtaking visual of Egypt's powerful mystique like that of the Nile. It's ancient papyrus sprung to life. The cast was cleverly chosen for their beauty, physique as well as comedic timing. Quite frankly I can watch Gerard Butler do anything and in this flick, he plays the villain Set just as well if not better than our favorite hero King Leonidas. This might be one of those instances where you may be hard pressed not to root for the villain as you learn he's a lot more complicated than initially thought. In my humble opinion his performance overshadows that of any other cast mate with the exception of one. He's met his match in the undeniable beauty of Elodi Yung who doesn't seem to be playing at any part as Hathor, The Goddess of Love. She is mesmerizing - and I wouldn't be surprised if once you looked into her eyes, you would not find yourself completely bewitched.

My favorite part about this flick is that the powers that be finally grace us with visuals of the Gods as you always imagined they should be. They transform shape, they have abilities far beyond that of their human creations; they fly, they fight and they bleed gold. What could be more fitting?

You may not be able to buy your way into the afterlife but be sure and secure tickets to see this movie. The sailor and I dug it big time.

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