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Fifty Shades of Grey - Movie Review ***Spoiler Alert***

So Fifty Shades of Grey is anything but black and white and - well frankly I dug it. Let me preface this by saying I have not read the book so I can draw NO comparisons. First thing I noticed was that the lead female actress – Dakota Johnson (the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith – whoa) – got TOP billing!

Jamie Dornan – my hunter from Once Upon a Time and a good old original Irishman from Belfast no less – was directly under Johnson’s and considering that he was under Johnson for most of the film it was quite fitting!

Fifty Shades Trailer

So let’s talk about what everyone’s dying to know – were the sex scenes up to snuff? Well may I just respond with a resounding – hell to the yeah! They were not cheesy B rated porn skin scenes nor were they so chaste that a PG rating should have been considered. They were like a Coke and a smile on a warm summer day – they hit the G-spot! Wink Wink. The first scene you witness between Ms. Steele and Mr. Grey you will undoubtedly reach the same conclusion as I – Dakota deserved that top billing hands down.

NOT to say that Dornan as the elusive and appetizing Christian Grey doesn't impress – he does, from his pristine and elegantly furnished home complete with Murano chandeliers and Fazioli piano (not your typical Steinway) to his cars and his – how did he put this – singular interests not filled with PlayStation and Xbox playroom - Christian Grey is impressive – for about 20 minutes.

Just as you settle in he rapidly unravels. The flick becomes more reminiscent of Shame than it does Thomas Crowne. That disappointed me. Grey turns out to be a tragic figure who is trapped by his sexual appetite rather than freed from them. Ironically the freedom he contractually promises Steele is one he’s never exercises himself.

Steele is perfection in soft lace panties. She’s soft, strong, sexy, funny, adorable, cute, subtle, everything that appeals to man and woman alike. Frankly they could not have cast our heroine any better. Why do I categorize her as a heroine you ask? Because Steele does what so many of us women wish we could do, were strong enough to do when we discover that the man we’re in love with is actually poison – CUT HIM LOOSE. And she does that in no uncertain terms. At least in part one. For me this movie is an emotional roller coaster for your soul and a sensual feast for your eyes. If you've been down this road with a partner in terms of the push and pull merry go round then the truths of this film will resonate with you. If you haven’t been there, this film may appear as just a bit of fluff with not enough meat. Either which way I dug it and think it’s well worth the watch.

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