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Who Says You Can't Learn Anything From TV? Enlightenment - Game of Thrones

There are so many interesting and introspective themes weaved within every episode of Game of Thrones. I recorded a few of my favorite observations, conclusions, notes, or just plain funny tidbits for your entertainment pleasure.

While the enemy of my enemy is my friend, my hero isn't necessarily.

Remember when Lord Baelish saved Sansa Stark by arranging her sudden departure directly after Mr. J's untimely demise? Did he really? In order to survive in the Seven Kingdoms one has got to look beneath the surface of just about everything.

Sansa Stark will pick up whatever you throw down.

After the beheading of Ned Stark, Sansa's eyes were wide open to the precarious nature of her situation. The little dove didn't waste much time crying about it but instead sharpened her observation skills and rose from the ashes of Winterfell like a phoenix.

Only a fool could be so intelligent as to plot and carry out such intricate schemes and witless enough to crave praise for it all. He should have used one of those Littlefingers to shush himself but instead Lord B, dying to share his uncanny ability to exploit any and every situation to his advantage passed on all of his hard earned strategic treachery to Sansa.

Roose Bolton may have seemed a nutter but in point of fact he was incredibly deliberate, cunning as well as cruel. Sansa made a careful study of his character and later used that knowledge against him.

Interestingly enough, she never really had a serious love interest. Perhaps what Master Aemon said is true: "love is the death of duty."

Jamie will do anything for family. Cersei will do anything to family. The aahh moment lies in the distinction.

We had one opportunity to find out if the Lannisters really do shit gold. Who cocked that up?

Compromise is hard yet necessary.

Wildlings responded to the thievery of their land by raping, reeving and killing. Then again, much of the Crows were comprised of rapists, thieves and murderers. Let's not quibble over small offenses when the dead are dragging their skinny carcasses all across the north. Be like Tostitos - get together already.

There's good and bad in everyone except Joffrey.

Oh for pity's sake this one not that one.

Did you catch that OG tilt of the crown? Heavy lies, in the head that wears the crown. That's how it goes right?

You can cut off someone's balls but they can grow a new and larger pair on the path to redemption.

What is dead may never die.

The merciless, vile and evil can reap great rewards. #House Lannister, House Frey, House Bolton!

If you don't feed your dogs for several days their ears stop working first. Commands like, stop and sit are likely to go unheeded.

Dany began her quest to reign as the Breaker of Chains however she may have to remove "Protector of the Realm" from the title. Me thinks she made one Mhysa of a mistake.

Dogs are cute but dire wolves can rip out an enemy's throat in 2 seconds. Mom can we have one. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese.

The wall can melt - damn that global warming!

Grandmothers are precious, kind, full of racy stories, sage advice and on occasion, murderous. Olenna Tyrell got one whiff of Joffrey's true nature and deemed him unsuitable for breathing. God save the queen or grandma will.

Who said sellswords have no loyalty? We should all be so lucky to have a friend like Bron or a squire like Podrick!

He may negotiate a price first but once that's out of the way, he's all in.

He was man enough to tell the Imp that he wasn't man enough to face the Mountain in combat.

That conversation alone would be enough for half the population to go limp and choose avoidance.

Not to mention as soon as he received the order from Cersei to take her brothers out, he calmly sat down with Jamie and Tyrion, offering them a sporting chance to pay him double to cancel the order!

Hey, as sellswords go, that's far from a bad deal.

Podrick stabbed a Kingsguard and saved Tyrion's life.

Pod wouldn't offer false testimony against Tyrion though it might have meant his life.

Did I mention that old Poddy can sing?

You don't need to make alliances with people you trust. -Read that again cause it's a good one to catch - thrown by none other than the head lion himself - Tywin Lannister.

Money talks but its the reputation of "a Lannister always pays his debts" that creates a bond of trust and springs people into action - and you can take that to the Iron Bank.

The diverse character pairings lend way to fascinating conversations.

Jorah and Tyrion on a boat sailing to Mereen. Jorah, a man of few words, Tyrion, who barely pauses to take a breath.

Arya and Sandor Glegane (The Hound) - Though he was on her kill list, their bond became stronger than Valyrian steel.

Jamie Lannister and Brienne of Tarth - These two started out with the worst assumptions of each other but came to understand, respect and even love each other!

Little boys don't make very good kings - not then, not now.

A servant of the Lord of Light is only as good as their interpretation of the flames - your guess might be as good as theirs.

The Iron Bank has no respect for the results of your DNA test. They still run a credit check even if your name is prefaced by Stannis of the house blah blah blah yackety smackety.

If Cersei spent more time plotting to live instead of living to plot her children would have lived and her kingdom wouldn't have fallen down upon her empty crown. Shame, shame, shame.

Sometimes it's true - Jon Snow knows nothing.

Whore is not so much a dirty label as much as an essential job description. On occasion it is tossed about as an undignified slur. For example: As the White Walkers were overwhelming Winterfell, the Hound shouted to Beric Dondarrion, "Can't you see we're losing you stupid whore?"

The elevator on the wall is never out of service.

When children have a natural gift, extraordinary skills can manifest if you but nurture it.

Remember when Arya drew back her arrow and shot a perfect bulls eye when she was just a wee lass? Jon placed Needle in her hand and Ned organized water dancing lessons. Fast forward to Not Today and you see the correlation.

If you have the upper hand against the Mountain, do not pause to ask questions. Do not bend your ear to hear answers. Taking breaks is forboden. Kill him, twice and then burn him, preferably with the fire of a dragon.

And last but definitely not least, caffeine addiction began a long, long time ago.

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