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Hey there readers, while I never really subject myself to New Year's resolutions I do have a few goals or perhaps changes in my mindset based on lessons I've learned from the past year. For 2018 my main focus has been not to waste any opportunities that the Lord sees fit to bless me with. While in transit on my way to work I've developed a routine. When I get on the bus around 7:30am, after I've comfortably settled into a seat, I start off with a prayer, for my family, neighbors, friends and generally the world. This starts me off in a very positive light, helps me to count and remember all of my blessings and focuses me on my day with the understanding that I am not alone and guidance is but a prayer or conversation away. I then either listen to music or I go through my emails and social/professional media on my phone. Probably I spend the most time perusing my LinkedIn. I love the Daily Rundown and save the little tidbits I find quite interesting. Perhaps you will too! Carry on Black Swan!

May 16th - There was a little blurb about Apple as a front runner in the driver-less car race. Get out? I had no idea Apple threw their hat in that arena, fascinating!

Amazon launching more cashier-less stores in Chicago and San Francisco after a successful pilot in Seattle. Ya don't say? So the genius is allowing shoppers to use a phone app to scan items and use our credit cards to pay for them - right from our phone even though we're in a brick and mortar facility! Well right on! Can't wait til' they test it out in the Big Apple!

Soooo according to Ulrich Boser, who writes for Center for American Progress, one can get better at getting better, which essentially means if you're one of those people who can learn how to learn new and different things YOU can outperform others who have a much higher IQ! Well knock me down and have me for six that's bloody awesome. What are you waiting for? Get crack-a-lack-in!

And since I'm a Gen X-er it's comforting that the labor market is connecting the dots that just as my kid has become a full fledged adult my parents have become elderly. Companies are starting to broaden their understanding and comprehension of "time off" and are now considering giving US more time strictly to take care of our parents. Yesss! My parents are actually quite self sufficient at this point but there will probably come a time when I would like to accompany them to doctor visits and other appointments or simply hang out at their joint when they have a service tech coming over to fix something and make sure they're not being taken advantage of. There's a myriad of circumstances one might take time off to help out their parents and it's great to note that companies are thinking in this direction!

Now I recently was let go from my last job. I was on the job search for about two months before landing a position and one of the main tasks of the recruiters who were prepping me for the company interview was to stress highlighting my strengths that fit the company's particular culture and downplay or rather omit altogether my characteristics that weren't a close match. I read an interesting tiny blurb on LinkedIn from Wharton's Adam Grant that basically states the above could be a recipe for disaster and I agree. Do you really want an entire staff to think alike, dress alike, and act alike? What are we the Borg? While the corporate world will probably not want to celebrate too much individuality in their suits one would expect that they would be keen on individuality and forward thinking when it comes to problem solving and the introduction of new ideas to the table. As Grant says, focus less on the candidates that "fit in" and look for the candidates that might "stand out."

34 million Americans of working households live above the poverty line but still cannot afford ordinary expenses like phone bills, rent and childcare. 66% of Americans make less than $20 per hour. Not acceptable but I reiterate this fact because companies need to know what their employees are facing and when it comes time to granting bonuses and raises, be as generous as the employee merits and as you can be. Not only that but people who have should have an understanding of how many others have not. We are all part of the human race and need to help, understand and empathize with each other.

So my President, Barack Obama and First Lady, Michelle have signed a multiyear deal to produce content for Netflix. Hallelujah. I need these two in my life. And much like Forrest Gump, that's all I'm going to say about that.

I leave you with one of LinkedIn's "Idea of the Day: "We all have a shared responsibility to help the next generation succeed" - Intuit Chairman & CEO Brad Smith states. As the nature of work changes, we must evolve our understanding of what a good education looks like, as traditional college isn't the only way to learn.

"No matter how we do it, the key is finding ways to focus on the skills needed for the future, and supporting a broad portfolio of education alternatives to develop those skills."

Couldn't have said it any better Brad!

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