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The Sailor and I trip out at the NY Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show

Who doesn't want to experience the wonderment of childhood as often as possible? And at $30 bucks a pop it's more than possible, heck it's probable! I haven't been to the NY Botanical Garden well, ever. Yeah!

Many years ago, in another life it would seem, we did visit one of the botanical gardens, I thought it was in Flushing somewhere but truth be told I can't be certain about much. These days the old timer's hits me harder than Frank Castle's punches.

(But we'll chat more about that in my movie/show review alrightE.)

As usual I digress but I kid you not kiddO for the wee price of a movie and popcorn you too can click your heels three times and be transported into a magical word hidden behind lush greenery.

The Holiday Train Show which unfortunately for you just wrapped up for this year, was indeed an experience I'm hard pressed to formulate into words. You simply have to be there!

My sister Rowena, already enjoyed the show herself and posted a small, helpful blurb sharing her enjoyment and pertinent information. And as I scrolled down my FB newsfeed I happened upon it, noting the words TRAIN SHOW! Now I don't know if you're aware but my sailor is obsessed with three things - Donald Duck, Lighthouses and Trains. Did you catch the last of the three? Yes duckies so of course I was intrigued. An entire year had gone by with no real exchange of presents for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. as we agreed this year we're recouping from the biggest and best event of our lives, the marriage of our daughter. But when this little treasure appeared out of nowhere and for only $30 a person, well neither one of us could resist.

Your tickets come printed with a time (ex: 7pm) and though they're not extremely stringent it's best you try to appear within reason of that time frame so that you can be allotted the time with a small group so that everyone can enjoy the displays and take as many pictures as they like without fuss or bother from anyone else.

My sailor and I (thanks to my sister's helpful hint) chose to do the Bar Car evening tickets, which begins at 7pm, allows you to peruse the display with drink in hand as well as in the absence of children. Now this does not mean you don't appreciate the little buggers, it simply means that they won't be taking up picture time, spilling your drink, crying for mummy, or any number of charming habits empty-nesters forgot to miss, as tiny tots are apt to do. My sailor and I could hardly conceal our joy.

Of course the night was frigid and we were thrilled to enter the facilities; definitely warmer indoors. You queue up if you'd like to get some spirits in you, take a bit of the chill from your bones - it's quite medicinal you know or press on with the other starched collars to another queue and watch a video that gives you a bit of insight on what you're about to view!

The doors open and it's like Disneyworld all over again. There are audible gasps, and oohs, and aahs, immediately hands start swiping, necks craning, trying to get that perfect angled shot or video that will capture the breathtaking moments for all posterity.

There are trains!!! Trains galore. Big ones, small ones, antique ones, modern ones, ones you've never seen, ones you'll want to see again. It's like a Dr. Seuss Rhyme only the Grinch stole Christmas and unpacked it here, before you.

They didn't just throw up tracks and stick trains on them - what do you take them for? They're artists not heathens. What they have done is create an entire town and city for each different room display entirely for our viewing pleasure. The lights in widows beckons your imagination to create entire family tales in minutes. It's a storybook unfolding right before your eyes so masterfully that you almost feel like a passenger on your favorite train whisking through the town, across the bridge and into concrete jungle.

The sailor and I took our time perusing every sight, every home, townhouse, train, bridge - the details are fascinating. We've been gifted by the gifted, walking hand in hand, sipping our spirits, pointing at everything with childish delight.

Can't wait to see what they might have in store for us next year!

Holiday Train Show in NY Botanical Garden

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