• Amanda Sohan

The Vision Times featuring The Teacups and Teabag @ Shun Yun!

Sooo this year I decided I was sick of the dinner/club party scene and decided to do something a little different for my birthday. This year the Teacups and my Teabag and I went to see a cultural Chinese show called Shen Yun! We absolutely loved it. The show was spectacular. The colors, the dancing, the culture – just an amazing feel to it. What we didn’t know was the show is part of a cultural and political statement because China has actually banned the religion and customs featured in this show. The entire production, while pregnant with artistic value, was designed around this substantial message.

As we were leaving the show, we were interviewed by a gracious reporter Cindy Liu of the Kanzhongguo Association, who asked us our thoughts regarding the show, which of course, we were all only too happy to share.

I’m thrilled to discover that they used our interview and photo as part of their feature in their online magazine. How amazing!!!

If you wish to check out the full article please click on the link below:


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