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Panda Pieces

GOT – OMGosh so if you haven’t gotten GOT yet – seriously you are missing out. Game of Thrones is an amazing adventure chock full of the cleverest dialogue writing and character growth that’s ever been displayed across the small screen. I just caught the current episode last night and Hodor – broke my hearty heart. That’s all I’m going to reveal about that. My saving grace is that John Snow and Ghost still live. I shall keep my fingers crossed because with George RR Martin (The writer if you weren’t aware) nada is set in stone. Characters, live, love, fight and die and not always in that order.

Normally my humor would not go in that direction but it was just too funny~


Moving on! I’m watching this fabulous series on Netflix called Top Boy. If you’re not into British Television this might not be for you however I’m a huge, huge fan. Quite frankly it’s a series that follows characters growing up in the hood side of London – exactly the opposite of posh and glamour – and I tend to enjoy this type of romp, where the characters are unhinged and incredibly unpredictable. I also admire character development that showcases both the good and bad blend so thoroughly that you may change allegiance at any given episode. Give it a whirl – it may surprise you. And a big Big Up to the Jamaican Brits – what a gwan!


Got to give a shout out to a woman by the name of Cheyenne Westphal, who is taking up a new role as Chairman of Phillips Auction House in 2017. They have locations in New York, London, Berlin, Geneva, Moscow and Paris.

Now you might be thinking so what’s so interesting about that? Well what I found interesting – commendable really is this particular position is typically filled by males who tend to dominate the scene. Cheyenne earned the heavy weight title by personifying the tag “Southeby’s secret weapon” aptly dubbed by Harper’s Bazaar. In other words when it comes to negotiating and orchestrating a sale betwixt auction house and client, there simply is no better. This is an admirable woman in her field and I have to give her kudos, two snaps and an apple martini. Well done Cheyenne!


Other breaking news that my hubby will undoubtedly love and have me watching during the weekend as I’m sure he will DVR – is the Brand New Top Gear – Yes it’s back and promising to showcase all of the latest whips in true wanker fashion- Surely I jest but mayhaps you need to judge for yourself! The magic begins Sunday 5/29 @ 8pm BBCTwo — Need I mention Matt LeBlanc joins the cast???


On the book front – I’m still reading The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah – and while it’s raw and gritty and juicy, it’s not my favorite urban tale by half. I prefer Tracy Brown’s White Lines hands down and in fact I pray they turn that book into a screenplay and make a top shelf movie, no chinxing on the cast or budget, ya heard?

I did however read a short story called Lust, Money and Murder, Book 1 by Mike Wells and whoa it was fast paced and riveting, captured all of my attention. Totally dug it and and if you have Amazon Prime, you can get it free on your Kindle or if you go to Mike Well’s blog you can download it for FREE. Do it. It’s short, it’s gripping, and it’s free, what more can you ask for?


By the by, Boston Market has 25% off any family meal on Memorial Day only 5/30 – so get your grub on.

Speaking of grub, I ordered food from Peppa Pot – a small jerk chicken with rice and peas and a small barbecue chicken with rice and peas and first off – there portions are a lot, like a lot a lot – one small was more than enough for both my sailor and I – so you order one meal, essentially you get two and that’s all good because who isn’t watching their pockets – am I right?


On Veteran news – a subject that’s near and dear to my heart – Paul Smith who is a politically minded Coder, the gentleman who cleaned up the online website for Obamacare will now turn that same efficiency and attention toward – What this hopefully translates too is that sometime in the near future, Veterans will not have to troll through the 1,000 plus separate websites to receive the benefits and care that they are entitled too. It will be on one easily navigable website instead. Yay, can’t wait for that!

Also – shout-out to Marine Veteran Sean Barney who’s running for Congress and talking about his PTSD. His interview impressed me – in particular his answer to this question:

If elected, what role would your military background and perspective play?

Sean: I think another way in which veterans play a valuable role in Congress and that’s when it comes to our foreign policies, the use of force abroad and when it comes to our military and making sure our military is ready. I think veterans are more likely to ask the questions that Congress ought to ask before authorizing the use of force.

OMG – what an original idea – ask competent, seasoned military personnel their opinion when it comes to introducing our military into foreign territory! I think you might be onto something Sean!

For the full interview you can visit the Task and Purpose website and on the search bar type in Sean Barney.


On the Tech News front – I read an article that spoke about how virtual reality is reshaping the consumer experience – and we’re probably going to experience this in retail in the near future, perhaps the next 3-5 years – and Tommy Hillfiger is going to be a one of the major retailers that head up the charge by proposing to equip shoppers with a smartphone and VR headset so that they can experience a cinematic virtual reality shopping environment. Whoa, wouldn’t that be something? You come in, sit down, snap on a headset, earphones and travel up and down the aisles without shuffling your feet or fighting through crowds. When you find an item you like, simply tap your headset and it drops into your virtual shopping cart. HoleE moleE this opens up an entirely new world of shopping. Will retail stores appear like rows of futuristic cubicles? Will stores even contain any clothing or will you simply have all of your purchases sent to your home like an Amazon order? Imagine how much less cumbersome shopping would be if you didn’t have to lug your purchases everywhere. Personally I dig it! Maybe God willing when I take my grand-kids shopping this is what I can expect!


Which segues me into the next segment– where in mayhaps as soon as a year Lyft (you know Uber’s competitor) will be teaming up with General Motors – who have invested 500 million bucks into the venture, to produce driver-less cars or what is known as autonomous technology. I just love those big geeky tech names – big brains are sexy~ that’s why I married my sailor!

So picture this, 2026, quiet suburbs of queens, I hop into my driver-less taxi, pick up my grand-kids from an I robot nanny and take them on a virtual reality shopping trip. Can you imagine? Mon dieu! The only thing real about anything will apparently be food!

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