“So that’s all you want?  You think we can just be friends, have dinner, watch a movie and you don’t want anything else to happen?”


Did he really expect me to be truthful about this?  Of course I wanted him.  I wanted him from the moment I heard his voice.  When I clapped eyes on him it was a wrap but nothing is real until it is.  Prior to that it’s just a fantasy.  And while it is a fantasy the only person I have to be real with is myself.

“Why not?  I mean if you’d rather not see me and we just be friends and hit each other up once in a while through text then I guess we can just do that.”

I hit send and chewed my lower lip nervously.  I doubled down on my wager gambling he wouldn’t call my bluff.  Man I pray that’s not what you want Imtiaz.

“I don’t know if we can do that after all of the feelings that we’ve been dealing with since we met.  You think we can do that?”

No.  I think that when you see me you’re gonna tackle me like a defender in Kabaddi but I can’t tell you that can I?  You know what I know but does it follow that you want what I want?  I want to complicate our lives for no sensible reason.  This is a passing fancy that I can’t excise from my mind.  I want you.  I’m at a point in my life where I don’t want to quell my desire, I want to quench it.  I am on fire.  Slake this thirst my Bengali tiger.

All of the things in my head that could not be simply said.  So I lied.

“Yes.  Why not?” 

“Ok well I guess I’ll see you at 5:30 by the theater.”

I pondered his response.  Challenge accepted?  I exhaled slowly without gaining relief ordinarily following. 

“Ok. I will see you at 5:30.”

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